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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Did I Say Citrus Christmas?

Good morning one and all! I've got my coffee and am ready to post.

Did I say I was going to have a citrus Christmas? Well, I think I forgot about that when I started purchasing decorative items for my home. So here is how it is going so far.

Do you remember me talking, in an earlier posting, about this fabric I ordered for a friend's home to use for draperies? Well I ended up getting this beautiful Liz Claiborne Breda Nectar fabric for myself also and it is being made into draperies as I speak. The balls in the jar on my coffee table and in the jar on my chest of drawers are close to that color as are the balls on the tree. Certainly not CITRUS, sorry but I had no will power!


I am "havin" a love affair with the green roses. 

Do you remember years ago when people made and sold sequien fruit? They used styrofoam fruit shapes and covered them with the appropriate color sequiens that were attached by sticking pins in them? They went out of style but now they are back in style. I had purchased some when they were outdated, for our antique shop, and kept a few in my home. They also pick up on the nectar color and were added to the jar on the chest of drawers.

I fully intend to cut stockings out of white felt and using the xacto knife, cut out my grandchildren's initials in black felt to attach to the stockings with fabric glue. I will hang them with lime green and white poka dot ribbon.

More later

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  1. so beautiful! I can't wait for Christmas, glad Thanksgiving is over. ready to go shopping!!!

    Have a wonderful week!!!


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