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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chemo Brain In Full Swing!

Oh yes, yesterday was chemo day. That stuff really makes me loopy. Gosh it is nice to have something to blame my goofiness on for a change! So I take the stuff and come home thinking the porta cath was a bad
idea since it has not quit hurting. The pain killer and upset stomach meds do not make me sleepy but send me into overdrive.

I wake up this morning thinking something needs to be changed in my home to improve it and make the overdrive I am in, worthwhile. So see my little inset here. I removed the "shrubs" surrounding "Heme" and replaced them with a tall slender gold urn lamp and a tall brass and pewter candlestick with an ivory taper.  So there she is in all her glory. And here I am in mine with something new to gaze upon!

Now I can get back to my subject of kitchens.

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