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Monday, November 9, 2009

Cozy Places

On these Fall days, especially the cloudy, rainey days, it is important to find a cozy place to gather your thoughts and perhaps read a book or magazine or just listen to the quiet. Our days are often given over to others and we do not give ourselves the peaceful retreat we need to help us stay mentally and physically healthy. So I selected a couple of places I think might be the kind of place we need, for such as this.

The first place started, out of all thngs, as a henhouse. The 1200 square foot structure was turned into a home, in eastern Long Island. Country Home's photograher was Carter Berg. Paint was the strategic thing that made this conversion work. Every inch of the chicken coop's walls and floors were painted. Next came upholstered furniture and cushy pillows and rugs.

Even the art prints on the wall are farm prints.

Next lets look at a cozy place in Jane Bescherer's New England home. She wanted her home to remain rustic and even left her window frames that way. The Country Home photographer was John Gruen. Even the unusual rush chaise is antique. Look at the book nook as I call it. It is just inviting you to come in, sit down and curl up with a good book.

                                                               Happy rest, relaxation and reading!

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