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Monday, May 3, 2010

"Some Things Will And Won't Join The Dance"

The title of my post is a quote from Barry Dixon. I just love it because when you are decorating or better yet re-decorating a home this is so true! These pictures are of a home in Maryland featured in the April 2008 Veranda magazine. The photographs were taken by Tria Giovan.

Whether we act as our own interior designer or retain a designer's help, we have to make the decision as to what pieces of our furniture will make the cut and which will go by the wayside. The last time I did this before I sold my home, I found that I cound use most of my furniture once I had the pieces re-upholstered.   

These neutrals are beautiful and calming.

I love the rectangular ottoman.

I found a fabric almost identical to the damask of gold and salmon color on these chairs in the swatches book from my upholsterer's for $34. a yard. It was an outdated swatch book but since the upholster had already quoted it to me, he sold it to me taking a loss on his fabric.  That being said I realized I could cover an Italinate chair and a barrel chair in that same fabric and have them blend together beautifully.


Who would not give their eye teeth for a bookcase and antique settee like this?

How do you view the color in these pictures? To me it is an orange color. 

I would never come out of that bath tub...no way!

Well, maybe I could be convinced to leave the bath to sleep in the bedroom above. 

Note the cloches, jars and jugs.

I wonder how many square feet we are talking about here?

And I wonder how many rooms there are here all totalled?

Front view of the house.

And the rear view of the house.

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