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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Floral Arts and Crafts

Photography by Andrew Macul for Country Living magazine. I don't usually get into the Arts and Crafts thing but some times you come across some fun and easy things you can make to enrich your life or someone else's so here goes.

 This first picture calls for a canning jar planted with real or artificial hydrangeas blossoms. The jars are decorated by stacking one beaded bracelet on top of another and they stay in place because they are elastic. You can line them up on a table as a centerpiece and give them to guests as a favor.

This square vase holding pink peonies, tulips, red roses and chartreuse verbena is covered with stripped and polka-dotted ribbons hot glued to it.

Hot glue, colored pencils to a glass vase and fill the vase with purple and white lilacs, anemone and privet berry and tie a double faced satin ribbon around the bottom.

bouquet basics

Choose a single bloom as the focus of your bouquet and hold it in the center of your vase at the desired height. Clip the stem on an angle to let the flower drink. Continue clipping each stem so that your finished arrangement resembles an arc, or rainbow, in shape.

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