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Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Refined Refuge"

Even though I truly am into the "no color" theme from SGG, I just keep finding these beautiful homes that are decked out in lush, saturated color and I just go crazy for them. In the Traditional Home Magazine, November 2008 issue, a story appeared about a couple living in Dallas, Texas and the photos were taken by Emily Minton-Redfield.

The lady of the house, Laura Miller had just finished serving two terms as Dallas' mayor and another on the city council and her husband, Steve Wolens,  served in the state legislator for 24 years, so to say they were ready for a rest, ready to finish raising their three children and recharge was an under-statement. 

They really did not enjoy entertaining all that much but had the room to do so if they needed too. The house they bought two years before, was a 1940's style Tudor home. They chose Julio Quinones as their interior designer. Metropolitan Home Magazine named him one of 28 of the "worlds's best talents".

This couple wanted their home to be a comfortable, traditional sanctuary.
Their designer re-worked many pieces of furniture they already had.  He was   was not afraid to go to Restoration Hardware when needed.  

The designer found a Chippendale-style, camelback sofa in a used furniture store and completely re-did it for the living room.


The marble fire place in the living room was beautiful.


The curves of the green silk settee were set off by the sharp edged forties era coffee table.

The dining room was a mixture of new, old and antique pieces of furniture.  

The couple collected art work that could be seen through out the home.

The master bedroom was kept quiet, relaxing and peaceful.



  1. Love the photo's!!! The bedroom is georgeous.

  2. Hi Nancy. Love the wall color in the bedroom...the cool and warm an exciting contrast. Though I love neutrals, I have yellow striped curtains in my office that lift my mood on the cloudiest day. Hugs, Trish

  3. I love that yellow striped camel back settee!! I should be so lucky to find that


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