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Monday, January 4, 2010

Everyone Seems To Be Yearning For Spring!

It seems like every post I am reading these days is about nature or Spring cleaning,etc. I am right there with you on both counts. I got to thinking of new ways to decorate and organize, using things we already have around the house. So I got out my trusty old magazines and begin flipping through them for ideas.

This picture taken for the Summer issue of 2009 Creative Homes magazine, (didn't say who took the picture), caught my eye for several reasons. Here someone is using things he or she already has or might pick up on their next visit to Goodwill. Just using a simple old cheese grater to hold some pretty flowers and using old tin cans as candle holders as well as an old wire basket to keep fresh fruit aired out sure makes a pretty picture.

In the same issue of the same magazine, I came across some more pictures that were taken by Ann Wilson and they made me pine for the simple clarity that Spring seems to bring to our hearts. There is beauty in the white slipcovers, white distressed table and most of all the two ocean blue lanterns suspended from the curtain rods, of all things. I also like the look of the dining room with the metal and glass table and plain wooden benches along with more of the beachy blue reflected in the vases and apothocary jar on top. The drum light fixture seems to be the perfect touch too.

I remembered how Joni Webb indicated she has plans to paint the yellow out of her kitchen and replace it with grays and whites. I came across a kitchen in the 2009 June/July issue of Traditional Home magazine photographed by Michael Partenio, done in those colors. Granted, it probably has more of an industrial feel than Joni is seeking but some elements might be to her liking. The open shelving is very "European" and the faucet and marble countertops are pretty. The gray backsplash tiles are the right color and as she has alluded to in a talking about a previous blogger's post, she seems to like touches of blue. So this kitchen and pantry made her come to mind.


  1. The yellow just never looked good with the white marble that I put in a year ago - I'm nervous though because it looks good everywhere else - but I cn't jst paint the kitchen wihtout paintning everything!!! I'll keep you posted.


  2. Hey there,

    I thought you were going to be computerless for a while and I would have 3 weeks to get this lampshade done. I have wrapped the frame with seam binding that took over an hour. I have also made a pattern and with that pattern cut the lining and stuck myself too many times to mention.
    I have decided to document my progress with photos so I can do what you did and show the progress. Wish me luck.


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