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Monday, January 25, 2010


I found my lamp shade at Pottary Barn and it was love at first sight! I had a beautiful mercury glass lamp with a plain shade and had enough Ballard Design "document" fabric left over to cover it. So before I could even manage to take a before picture of it, I manage to break it into a million pieces. On my b-day, my best friend bought me a $20. can (on sale for $10.) of what I thought was fabric spray because it was sitting on the shelf at Joann's beside the tiny, peel and stick lamp shades. Not to be defeated, I went to Wal-Mart and bought a $20. lamp for my shade. Back in the game right? I was still going to have my lamp with a shade similar to the Pottery Barn one for $20. as opposed to the lamp at PB for $80. and a $39. shade.  Joke's on me again!!!!!

I cover the shade with my fabric and it is looking pretty good and something just told me to contact the folks that made the glue to assure it could stand the heat of a light bulb. I still forgot to take a before pic of the plain shade but no problem, I mean we all have imaginations don't we? The answer came back saying, "I am not comfortable with this application".

Well here is my beautiful lamp that is non-functional and I pray someone out there has a sense of humor because I sure don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the glue and the lamp.


                           Here is the finished product that I do not dare plug in and turn on!

I think God is trying to tell me with "subtle hints" that DIY is not in the cards for me.


  1. Nancy, at least you tried, I don't even attemped a DIY project because I know it's not in the cards for me either.

  2. Nancy, your comment on Pigtown-Designs' blog (her post about Guardianship homes in the UK) was very inspirational for me, and I wanted to thank you. I am so sorry to learn of your illness.
    I lived in France for a study abroad program, and ever since I have been hoping to move back to Europe. I literally got teary-eyed after reading your comment, and you're so right! Time to go for it. Thank you so much - it might sound silly, but it felt like a sign to me & meant a lot.
    I am just out of college and not established enough yet to be much into decorating, but your blog is beautiful. As a French major, I love the lampshade! My mom loves decorating and designing and I'll tell her to stop by - I'm sure she'd enjoy it.

  3. Nancy, thanks for stopping by my blog today. I am glad to have found yours and would love to follow along. This so sounds like something that would happen to me. I am not exactly the queen of DIY. I had a great idea that I would make bibs and diaper cloths for my daughter. Well, she's 20 months and I have one bib, 3 cloths and a shelf full of great fabrics!

  4. Your lamp turned out awesome!!! I think you may be safe - doesn't the spray can say High temp? Worth the try. If people can do it with a hot glue gun - that may work - or use a low voltage bulb! So pretty - thanks for telling me about it. Oh, and I commented back to you on my blog - check it out.

    Best to you!


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