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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not All Things Can Be Mended But Some Can

My favorite little rooster fell off the fridge and broke into a million pieces and I don't know why but I thought I could put him together again. I guess that is because I have done it so many times before and it has usually worked.

Sure did hate to hold a funeral for the rooster and the sad thing is, I never named him and he even had a bell!

But then I had a pitcher that was handpainted and when it broke it didn't occur to me to take pictures before I glued it back together.


I purchased some more green roses with baby's breath and little orange flowers because I just cannot seem to get enough of them. So I filled that pitcher up.

I'm not sure I can be mended. The cancer news I got yesterday was not good. My tumor in my lung is not shrinking and a small new cancer has been found. So in 3 weeks they will start me on a stronger chemo than I took this week. I will take it once a week for 3 weeks and then I will repeat the cycle again and then have a PET Scan so we will see what we will see.


  1. I think it may have been time for a new rooster anyway, that one had a sort of scary look on his face. No offense, I'm sure he was swell,and all.

    I am sending you all kinds of the positive energy and well wishes. Right. Now!

  2. You are in my thoughts as you face these challenges. You are one handy lady. I am impressed you saved the pitcher even if the rooster has met his demise. I have not accomplished much after last week. Your pitcher project has motivated me to get back to that lampshade project. Wish me luck.

  3. You did a great job putting the pitcher back together. Sorry to hear of the news you got, my thoughts and prayes are with you. Nancy I have a blog that I follow on my site The Red Shed Antiques in Grapevine Tx. one of the ladies from this blog had breast cancer, they have a video on their blog, if you scroll down towards the bottom you can view it. Her story is very inspirational, thought you might want to check it out.

  4. * I just found your blog & also learned about poor lil' "Ricky" (that's what WE've called all "R" animals/critters, since my childhood... they're all named after the first letter of what they are~~ ~"Ricky the road-runner", "Ricky the Rabbit", "Ricky the Rooster", etc. and RICKY is RICKY RICARDO, because my Mom was SOOOOOO "the original LUCY!)... plz remember it ~~ it's SOOO silly (Daddy always thought he was SOO funny!)that this might help keep your great sense of humor! And my friend, it will serve you well... It has ME, and I'm #%$^&@* years old now!

    Then I read on~~~ and was so sadddened to hear of your cancer crisis, BUUUT, happy that you DO have that sense of humor to get you thru what is about to come up.

    There's NOTHING to make light of here~ absolutely nothing~ BUUUUT, may I suggest you DO consider finding a NEW lil "Special RICKY" (rooster, rabbit, etc... whatever "SPEAKS" to you!...."FREDDY the FROG? VICTORIA the violet?), give him your very own special name & keep him/her where you see him everyday???

    You're in the thoughts of MY ENTIRE FAMILY~~~ God bless you...

    Linda in AZ *


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