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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christmas Wreath Reinvented

With the weather going from good to bad and my chemo making me feel, in a word, lousy I finally managed to complete one of my two DIY projects.

So lets look at my before pictures.

OK. I know he is not much to write home about, but I bought him at Wally World for my grandson to have at my house so he could be remembered too.

I know he looks mutilated. But what's a person to do? I would like to say I saved the trimmings but I would not be telling the truth. So let the cycle of good and bad weather and me trying to spray paint the wreath with $1. white paint begin!!!!!!!

After going through 2 cans of spray paint on the wreath and my artificial artichokes my sore finger gave up the fight. Everytime I sprayed the can would stop on me and I realized I was only able to get and utilize about half the paint out of each can. The little banner at top, would always dry a pale pink not white.  

So I finally bit the dust and went back to Wally World and came home with a quart of white enamel paint and a cheap brush. I slathered that wreath with white paint using my brush. No more pink. But before I could do all of this, I had to stuff an artichoke into the can and it was stuck and would not come out. Why, you ask would I feel compelled to stuff an artichoke into a quart size can of paint? Well, you have to remember who you are dealing with...a chemo, pea brain!!!!!!!! So I had to pour the can of paint into a bowl in order to access it.

Looks like I am ready to rub the peel and stick letters on the banner of the wreath.
The after pictures were taken in the daytime with light flooding through the window. Not the best time of day to shoot pictures. 

Now I have a little more of France around my home!


  1. You are too funny! How did your artichoke turn out?!!!

  2. That's a good transformation! Never would have seen paris in that wreath to start with. Do I spy a curious doggie in one of the pics?
    Thanks for your kind comment on my cloche over at Gail's blog "my repurposed life". She's been so nice to feature some of my stuff in her blog, as I just can't see me being organized enough to blog myself!
    Love yours, the beautiful inspiration pics are perfect.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you as you go thru your chemo treatments. I'm signing up as a follower too.


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