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Saturday, January 9, 2010

My New Prints Have Been Framed

I fell in love with another blogger's dining room mural. She had blown up a tiny picture, approximately 2 inches in size and had it made into a two piece wallpaper mural. It was so sweet and romantic and I wanted to use it in my entrance hall. So I contacted her and she was nice enough to download the picture she used and send it to me. I sent the picture off to have it enlarged to 37 inches by 47 inches in size.

Keep in mind, I am always challenged when it comes to decorating because I am a renter and limited in what I can do to my home. So instead of trying to put up a wallpaper mural that might be difficult should I ever have to move, I had my picture framed at Hob Lob in black to ground it on the wall.

Because of it's size, I had it framed in acrylic instead of glass. It is more expensive but weighs less and is so much easier to hang.

                                                        Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.

I also took a digital picture of a corner (a piece or portion) of a magazine picture, and had it blown up too. Hob Lob framed it also. It is a picture of driftwood on the beach and the ocean waves washing up onto the shore. I put it on a wall that has nothing but pictures in white frames done in water themes. I just love the SGG movie "no color" set design so much! This picture is a little too small but I still love it. 

Sorry about the poor picture quality.

And last but not least, I am still lovin my 2 little magnetic blackboards stuck on my fridge.

 I fell and splattered all over my kitchen's hard, tile floor the other night. I landed on my knees and they are so bruised and really hurt so that is curtailing some of my projects I wanted to work on this weekend., drat it all!

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