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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Before and After

I ventured out yesterday in the bad weather to a couple of Goodwills and struck gold. What I want to talk about first though are the simple things I did to my hall bath to polish it off...well I am almost through with it. I have posted on this room in the past because I am renting, which means no painting and the bath is purple. As I have said before, it is a pretty purple but purple just the same...not my first color choice for any room.

The mirror in the bath is big, and ugly with the silver coming off in places. If I was not on chemo and more steady on my feet, I would have purchased some molding to frame it out and hide that flaw, but I am not, so I improvised. I purchased a baby glue gun at Goodwill and took some of that ribbon I purchased to cover my fiasco lampshade with (another old post) and glued a strip of ribbon to the damaged part of the mirror to hide it.


I found some pretty containers at Goodwill to hold candles. But even better, I found a Shelia Rock poster of her La Laison photo and fell in love with the couple in the picture! The cande holders were like $2.99 and the poster was $6.99. I think I may paint the frame out in white when the weather is better.

I already had the candles and had purchased the two signs hanging on the wall at Hobby Lobby the day after Xmas, to hide a missing towel holder boo, boo.

I have had the topiaries for years and they came from the Dollar Store.


Isn't this couple, timeless and beautiful embracing at the train station?

Now you can see the purple color on the opposite wall with the Arrow Shirt Company sign on it.

So what is left to do? Eventually re-place the mirror and put up a pretty shower curtain. When Joni Webb did her post on her 10 favorite blog re-dos for 2009, one was of a bathroom where the designer had hung a curtain over her light fixture but could still access the light. I am thinking of trying that also and making it match the shower curtain. First I have to find a curtain rod that will come out far enough from the light fixture to hold the curtain I will make. Got any ideas where I might find an extra deep and short curtain rod????


  1. much better!!!!!!!!! i bet it makes you feel better too - love that art work, le liason sp?
    I actually like the wall color and that was a good idea to fix the mirror that way. Good job!!!!

  2. hmm, hanging a curtian over a light fixture. I have never seen that. sounds interesting.
    Love the lavendar color in there with the artwork.


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