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Friday, January 15, 2010


Tomorrow, I am going to be listing 3 pieces of furniture with Craig's List and also hopefully with Ebay. I feel so stupid because the furniture is being stored at my son's home and when I took pictures today I forgot to take measurements, duh!

I am going to post them so that if anyone is interested they can place a bid tommorow. 

First, I have a pegged butcher's block...not a nail to be found.

You can place your pot lids between the slats.

The dark spots are pegs. The hooks hanging down hold your pots and pans.


Next is a hand carved Scandinavian plate rack. I just put a few plates on it to give you an idea of what it could look like. It looks pretty with dainty cups and saucers, and or pitchers on it. It would be a great way for someone to display a Majelica collection.

This is a heavy plate rack and requires the use of a stud finder and molly screws and a level.

And  last but not all, I have a gateleg table that came from Georgia and was 100 yrs old when I purchased it. It has only belonged to 2 families. Mine is the second and I have had it 30 yrs.


The table has cracks in the wood, two cigarette burns that need to be sanded out.

It is sturdy with classic, simple spindle legs, but it is not level because one of the hinges needs to be tightened. You can see on top of  the table how it is not level.

You can see the cracks/slits in the wood and the cigarette burns.


Above you can see this unlevel top due to the loose hinge.


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