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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lanterns, Lanterns and more Lanterns!

Not so long ago, I did a post that had a picture of a couple of lanterns suspended from a curtain rod.

 I mentioned recently, that one day when the chemo wasn't doing it's number on me and before I fell on both knees, I braved the cold weather and went to Goodwill and struck gold. Part of my stash consisted of lanterns, four to be exact. And talk about cheap. No lantern cost more than $3.00 and I already had the candles.

 Man, I just love going to Goodwill and I get a senior citizen discount too!  These sure are "purrty", if I do say so myself!


What do you think?

Should I leave them up?

I have to give credit where credit is due because if it were not for my grandson, Zach, this project would not have happened, since I am still incapcitated. He was nice to hang the lanterns for me.  Now I sure do need to clean my window and center one of my candles. Well, Roman was not built in a day!

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