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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Twas The Day After Christmas

OK, I couldn't contain myself and I joined the "throngs" of people scouting out good after Xmas sales.
I wound up at Hobby Lobby. Well, who would have guessed. And yes I bought things. I got lots of peel and stick lettering for Brooke to use in her room because she wants to put the Walt Whitman saying from his poem from the movie, The Notebook in her room. My document pillows and dogs had to get into the act.

And I needed something to hang coats on so I found a great little sign for that. And I needed some pictures to deocorate the hall bath so I found them. And I bought a bunch of atrificial artichokes but did not take a picture of them yet since I have to wait for a beautiful day to spray paint them white to go in my apothicary jar. That will be good for a post by itself! 

And I really scored on fruit that looks like glass for under the clouche along with a spray of grapes, artichokes, pomagranets, etc.  

I think the little bath sign and bathtub sign that says Paris on it and also has a postage stamp on it will go great in the hall bath.

                                      So I am going to use my little rooster to hang coats on.

I removed the sequined fruit and just put more silver in the jar for now.

I took the silver beads out of this jar. The little hand-carved wooden angel was my Christmas present from my daughter, Jenny. The angel is on her knees praying. Jenny told me that everynight when she says prayers with her three children they pray for grandma to get better.

I was able to add more silver balls to my bowl.
Here is the cloche I mentioned with the spray along side it.
I had to come home with a beautiful Santa that will stay out year round.

This is a much better picture of the notorious red lamp and shade fiasco!
                              I hope everyone had a good Xmas and did not eat too much! Later.


  1. Thanks for visiting our site. Love all your glass filled with ornaments, etc.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Oh you reminded me that I have to go to Hobby Lobby today. I am hoping there is still a bit left. :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog!! You got some great things! Love your red lamp!


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