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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

After Xmas, Trying To Put Humpty Dumpty Together Again!

I am trying to put things back the way they were in my home before Christmas or make it better. I have not taken down the tree yet but pretty much everything else is in good shape. So I thought I would show you my before and afters and if you have not started then maybe I will give you the incentive you need to start on your home.

  The closet was in such array that it had to be cleaned up before anything else could be stored in it.

I am, for the first time, actually glad my pictures turned out blurred.


Looking pretty bad!


Looking better. I placed the little lanterns that were on the hunt table on the kitchen bar.

I removed the blue and white table cloth from the table and added some orange flowers to my green roses to give the table scape a cleaner look getting ready for Spring and wanting to tie the orange flowers in with the apricot velvet curtains that are being made to fit inside the ivory satin embroidered curtains across the same room.

I took the sequiened fruit out of the cloche.

The citrus scene is gone. The hunt table has been cleaned up.

The silver balls and beads have been removed from the apothacary jar and replaced with sequiened fruit and sugared apricot colored apples.

I placed my two little minature oil paintings on top of my fridge.

I cleaned up the hearth. The hurricane lamps with candles and silver beads are gone and my coffee sack pillows and pictures of my children are on the hearth.

I placed some lime green and white balls in with my silver balls in my bowl.

I replaced the blue and white bowl that held my white flowers with a cut-glass bowl. The white leather gloves
that are under the books and angel, have delicately cut-out designs on them and were worn at my wedding.

I think things are looking better even though I still have not tackled the tree yet! Later.


  1. Thanks for your note! It's always so sad when the Christmas stuff gets put away, mine is still out this year but my tree also went up late so I'm still enjoying it. Your house is looking very freshened up though!
    Happy New Year!

  2. looking good - so nice when you can clean up the house and declutter a bit - something i REALLY need to go do - you've inspired me!

  3. Hi Nancy!

    Thanks for the sweet words on my blog. I've been looking through yours and I see that you love french design! Well, we have a lot in common my dear!!! I LOVE french inspired spaces. And your bust that you have in the above photo, I love her too!

    take care my dear! And continue to post these great inspirational photos. I'll be right here following along


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