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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Decorating Revisited

I know I finished and posted my Xmas decor prior to resuming chemo but some of my pictures didn't do it justice. I changed what is on the pine chest and put one of my Spode basketweave plates with a border of blue and green flowers around it and one of my dogs in front of it. I decided to take some close up pics and post them.

I still can't believe my "hens and chickens" in a terra cotta pot is actually a candle I found at Goodwill!

These are as close as I have gotten to lanterns like Joni Webb of COTE DE TEXAS has but I am on my way.


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  1. So pretty! I LOVE your statue!!!!!!! That is gorgeous. Hope you are feeling ok despite what you are going through right now. Take care. joni


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