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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Arts and Crafts What Not To Do

OK, I don't think I came out better on this lampshade project because it cost me well over fifty dollars for the ribbon and it is still not completed and doesn't look that great. There is a beautiful lamp shop just down the road and I probably should have taken my rotted pleated lamp shade there and paid them to order me a new one. NOPE, NOT THAT SMART. I misplaced my glue gun in my move and have not replaced it because I know my luck and as soon as I do, the original one will surface. This project is pinned with straight pins right now and I still need more ribbon.

I purchased fabric glue for the first time thinking I would use it to make white felt Xmas stockings and glue the names on with black felt. That was a joke/disaster. The glue did not hold the felt together! So when I finally do get enough ribbon and try to use the fabric glue on the ribbon it probably won't work. Guess you might be wondering why I am spending so much on this project. Well when I purchased this lamp in the 1960's I paid three hundred dollars for it. So you can imagine how much that would be worth today. It is a deep red lamp and has an Asian motief on it. They say every room needs some little Asian something to make it complete. So here are my pictures and yes, you are welcome to laugh at this!

                                         My torn lamp shade.

Your getting the idea of the rotting shade?

                                                            So here is the lamp now.


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