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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Interesting Finds Other Bloggers Might Like to See

It is the weekend and I know you are supposed to cozy up and lay low and enjoy the weekend. In the 2009 May/June issue of Victoria magazine there is an article about cooking and entertaining Mediterranean style. The photographer was John O'Hagan. The food looks great but I am not about food. I am about being on the lookout for items or rooms I think other bloggers would get a kick out of viewing. So I found a picture with huge clear blue beakers on the table that I think Pure Style Home's Lauren would like. But the biggest find was the lighting in the picture that I hope Joni Webb from COTE DE TEXAS would love. So here is the picture.

I have never seen a chandelier made out of lanterns before, have you?

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  1. good eye! Lauren would love this!!!!!!!!!!!!

    have a great week!!!!


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