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Friday, October 9, 2009

More pictures of my home

This is my living room and it is definately eclectic. The coffee colored sofa is new and came from Sofa Mart. The table came from Fred's and the yellow tole lamp and the raised fruited vase were wedding presents from 1967. Now they have weathered many a move! The black lampshade helps to ground the room. The silk flowers and candle are new, as is the recliner. The recliner is not my taste, but it belongs to my grandaughter.

This is my pine chest in my living room. Oh, yes it is an antique. The bottom is scalloped and there are no nails in these drawers, just dove-tailed. The blue and white garden stool came from Hobby Lobby to the tune of $60.00 compared to other stores where one can cost up to several hundred dollars. The chest has a lamp on it from Fred's with a red lamp shade that reminds me of the one in the kitchen in the movie, "Somethings Gotta Give".

This is my "Lady With Flowers" reproduction. The original was made of white marble. This was made by House Parts, Inc.

My coffee table was purchased at a little furniture store in a small Texas town. It has a Mercury glass candlestick from Hobby Lobby on it. The table is also the home to a silver tray full of sea shells and a white ironstone soup tureen full of flowers. I went to Barnes and Noble and purchased map printed tissue paper to cover the books on the coffee table. But I am not happy with them and think I will re-cover them in white paper. I want to have as little color as possible in the room.

This is my famous slipcovered settee by Flex Steel. I purchased it at an estate sale in Dallas, Texas for $50.00. I originally had it re-covered in a beautiful gold and salmon colored striped fabric. Once I decided I wanted as little color as possible in the room, I had someone come to my home to give me an estimate for making slipcovers both for the settee and a French Country chair and a  half I owned. Well the estimate was $1400.00.
So, I re-thought the idea. I went to Lowes and purchased a large paint cloth and washed, dried and shrunk it. It cost under $25.00. I then cut and pinned it to my settee. Next, I basted it in black thread and took it to my local dry cleaners. Times are tough and they had been advertising that they also altered clothing. So, I made friends with Dee, the alterer and gave her my "slipcover" and asked her if she could sew it up on a sewing machine for me. She charged me $30.00. I had her make the cushion cover like a pillowcase so it is easy to remove and wash. Paint is not supposed to penitrate the paint cloth so when something spills on it, it just sits there waiting for me to clean it up. My pretty fabric underneath is very well protected.

 I just didn't have it in me to do the same to my chair and a half. So I got on the internet and started shopping. IKEA is great if you can assemble things easily, but I can't. Every company from Ballard's to Pottery Barn to Mitchel Gold wanted almost as much for the slipcover as they did for the new chair. So I thought, there has got to be a better way. I opened Penny's website and there was my chair and a half and it came with a slipcover and was on sale so I got the new chair and a half and the slipcover for under $600.00. To top it all off, I cut the shipping and handling cost in half by having it all delivered to the local Penny's store.

My son and his friend picked it up in his truck, put the arms on it (that was the extent of the assembly) and put the slip cover on it for me for free. I placed a piece of painters cloth across it in such away as to protect the slip cover until I can buy a second one. I will post a picture of the chair and a half soon. I also had a huge tuffet that matched the French Country chair so I just draped painters cloth over it and tied a piece of elastic in a bow around it to hold it in place and hemmed it up. It has already been laundered once and came through with flying colors!         

The other table at the end of the sofa also came from Fred's and I assembled it. The Mercury glass lamp came from Big Lots.

This picture below, is part of my breakfast room. The chairs are heavy metal, painted white, with coasters on them and I purchased them at a garage sale (6) for $25.00. I had them re-covered in some of that $35.00 a square yard fabric I alluded to earlier. The tall blue and white vase came from Hobby Lobby.

My "skirted round table", is not near as large or pretty as the one in the COTE DE TEXAS blog but in my tight quarters, it will have to do. The particle board table, tablecloth, mirrored lamp and cut glass basket vase holding the pink flowers all came from, you guessed it, Fred's. The Capodimonte 1366/95 Italy ashtray, was a wedding gift from 1967. It just goes to show, you can mix cheap with expensive easily.

It is not easy to see my Hunt Table in this photo, but what is on it looks ok. The lamp is from the Dollar Store, as are the vase and flowers of white and orange. The bust came from the Room Store. The satin and embroidered drapes came from Anna's. I have been consulting with a friend on a home re-make and we found some apricot velvet fabric from a designer to make drapes out of and so I had her order enough for me to make drapes out of to hang inside these drapes. I can't wait to get the material and see the drapes!

The eterge was a gift from my son. Above it is a classic painting reproduction from the Dollar Store. The eterge holds two of my pewter tea pots, pewter bowl with gold balls, 2 pewter saucers (you can't see), two silver tea pots and tray, a piece of Mercury glass, a small bust of David, grapes, a lead cut glass vase with flowers, another Dollar Store picture and a crystal rooster.

The courtyard is comprised of a settee that came from Kirklands, a statue from a gardem center, blue and white pots with blue hydrangeas, two blue canvas chairs and a round ornate wrought iron coffee table with a blue candle on it.

The blue and yellow quilt was made by a group of church ladies and given to me when I was first diagnosed with lung cancer so I could wrap up in  it and feel God's love and healing warmth!

Below is a fountain and some beautiful mums to help welcome in the Fall.
Next I will try to post my breakfast room and kitchen.

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