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Sunday, October 25, 2009

More On No Color Rooms

Still in the Traditional Home magazine October 2009 issue is another no color spread. This home is in the state of Washington where it rains constantly. So it stands to reason you might expect many homes to have walls painted a sunshiney yellow to brighten up the dreary, no sun days.

But not so with this home. The photographer is John Granen and Henry Brown owns the home and designed the interior. He selected a gray palette and was able to get away with that because the home has a southern exposure.

The grays are so easy on the eye. They are so soft and peaceful. 

I like the pop of color given off by the two orange ceramic bowls. The frieze fragment over the mirror is stunning.


There are two custom tables adorned with orchids. You can easily see the open grid that divides the dining room and the living room.

I am going to find some cheap artificial artichokes, right now I only have one, and I am going to spray paint them white and purchase an apothecary jar to put them in for my kitchen or breakfast bar! 

                                                     Why can't this be my kitchen?

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