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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I realize that this first posting lacks a lot to be desired but I do hope to put pictures of my home on this blog soon. That will be my starting point. I have so many magazine pictures I can post later. I am really into the set design in the movie, "Somethings Gotta Give", as are so many others.

I want people to know that being eclectic in home furnishings is fun and creates your signature style. You can put a picture you purchased at the local dollar store next to a cut glass vase full of flowers that came from your grandmother (priceless) and make a beautiful table scape. The secret number is three. Place three items on each display piece you have in your room. Each of the 3 items need to be differing in height.

I have made a major move recently and most of my magazines are still packed up. I am battling a diagnosis of lung cancer. I do not own the cancer and it does not own me, because if it did I would say I have cancer instead of I have been diagnosed with cancer. I want people to know they can still enjoy life and one way is to have so much fun re-decorating their homes with mostly things they already have and perhaps the purchase of maybe one good piece of furniture/accessory to set it all off.

I will sign off for now. More later!

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