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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Black and White Stripes and Ticking Material

OK, I admit it, I love black and white stripes, small ones and big bold ones. And I am a pushover for ticking material. Several years ago, when I was still living in a house, I found some big, bold, black and white canvas fabric on sale and made a slip cover for the couch in my family room. Gosh, I wish I had taken a picture of it because it took forever to sew it by hand. Nope I still can't thread a sewing machine!  Below is a picture of a conglomeration of striped fabrics shown in Traditional Homes' Decorator's Showhouse 2000 issue. The picture was photographed by Francis Hammond.

 We all know that the stripes are only the backdrop for that drop dead piece of fabric we have found that we want to show off. That fabric generally is a floral and has some version of orange in it. But it could be a blue/multicolored geometric design or anything you want it to be. This next picture taken by Jenifer Jordan, came from the same magazine, and shows you the drop dead punch of color fabric in pillow form.

This photo of a bathroom taken from the same magazine by photographer, Tria Giovan, used toile wallpaper next to the striped fabric. But the patterns look great together and compliment one another without being too busy.


When you take in the whole room that the above chair is in, you can see that the sofa and other chairs are also covered in the black and white striped fabric. In fact the walls are covered in it as well as the drapes. The cloth is draped behind the sofa with a framed painting hanging over the sofa. What sets the room off is the orange solid and floral pillows and the lime green pillow. Even the liquor casts an amber and yellow glow with the light filtering through it. You may also note the amber/orange shades on the chandalier. 

Marjory Segal was the interior designer for the room below and Ross Chapple was the photographer. This picture appeared in the Fall 2003 issue of Better Homes and Gardens, Bedroom and Bath publication.
I am normally not a pink person but the tiny black and white ticking from a mattress company that was used to make the bedspread and line the canapy over the bed is beautiful when set off by the pink pillows, pink velvet cushion on the stool, the pale pink walls, pink curtains and pink floral in the canapy. Too much pink? I don't think so.

I know I am going for a "no color" type of living area right now but looking at all the rich jewel tones against the stripes in these pictures, one can see how a person could crave the warmth they emit.


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