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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kudos to Clare Waight Keller on Her London Home

As I am sure by now, everyone knows Clare Waight Keller is the Creative Director of Pringle's of Scotland. Her home was featured in the February issue of Harper's Bazaar 2010. The photos were done by Christopher Sturman.

She lives with her architect husband, Phillp Keller and six year old, twin daughters in a four-story townhouse in London.  The 19th century manse is a serene place for her to and relax at the end of the day. She kept it eclectic and simple yet calming by furnishing it with furniture from her travels around the world along with  finds from all kinds of places like flea markets to antiques shops to up scale, on sale items.


She kept the white walls and preserved the original paneling. Note the plaster Italian horse on her mantle in her master bedroom. I love the cozy feel of the stack of books in front of the fireplace.The green pillow gives the room a little punch of color.

                This is not a stuffy, overdone home. As you can see the twins are having a good time!

This picture shows you how french doors open up to her terrace. I love the graphic design of the pillows and the understated painted sconces.

I like the simplicity of the table housing a butterfly collection. Note the unique lampshade and art work above the table.

The chest is from Seria and is made of inlaid woods. I love how she decorated it.

There is a lesson to be learned here. Waight's mother taught her to knit at age five..Waight got her BA degree in fashion and her MA in fashion knitwear. She went to New York and studied and worked for among others, Gucci where she learned more about fabric and colors. She has managed to update one of the oldest knitwear manufactures in Scotland. You can never start too young teaching your children the talents you may have. 

As this picture says, Waight enjoys her laid back luxury.


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  1. Gorgeous photos. I love the butterfly collections just resting on the desk, parfait!

    Leeann x


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