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Friday, March 26, 2010

A Garden Meal

This week in Texas we are having for the most part, beautiful days weather wise...mostly blue skies and white clouds with a few gray skies thrown into the mix. But the late afternoons and evenings have consisted of temperatures dropping and even some severe thunderstorms. Now I don't know about you but when those temps start to drop, soup among other things sure sounds good. Meet  Decatur, Georgia designer Ryan Gainey.

So I am looking at the March 2008 Veranda magazine and come acoss the garden meal he put together with four cooks all totalled. Seeing a picture of fresh figs and cheese is making my mouth water and that is just for starters. Throw in soup, salad,  pie and shortcake and we are talking about over the top.

Garden design by Ryan Gainey. A Great Menu!

Photography by Robert Rausch.

Mr. Gainey designed the table ware too. 

                                                        Here is the fresh Blackerry Shortcake.

Check out the Eggplant Pie!

The tureen is full of  creamy artichoke soup.

                                                                     Below are the recipes.

This will probably be my last post for a while. I start chemo again in the morning.


  1. Wonderful post Nancy,I love artichokes. I will praying for you during these next few weeks.

  2. Hi Nancy...wow. I've never had artichoke soup...I'll be saving the hearts to try this. And love the bowl piled high with vegetables, asparagus...so neat using vegetables as decoration. I'm thinking of you, sending good thoughts. My Italian grandmother used to say with such a beautiful Italian accent "courage"...as a encouragement. Best wishes, XO Trish


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