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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cancer Journal versus A Renavated 1920's Villa

So, I was at my cancer support group meeting , MIA for a while today, only to return home and find that I will need a series of injections to raise my white blood cell count and a blood transfushion on Thursday to boost my red cell count in order to continue my chemo protocol. End of journal entry.

Now for some fun. I wonder where this lovely lady is today? Laurie McFarlin and her home were featured in Traditional Home magazine March 2008 issue. She purchased a 1920's Italianate home in California's Bay area. She hired interior designer Suzanne Tucker and architect Andrew Skurman to do the renovation. And these photos were taken by Michal Venera.

Note the added arched transoms and side lights added to the French doors. Even two years ago you can see the use of the gray paint on the doors.

What turned me on in this home was use of the color orange. You can call it apricot, melon or peach but it all comes down to a rich, plush, soft, velvet orange color. You can see it throughout the home starting with the couch. 

The orange is used as a punch of color in walls and draperies throughout the home.


Even the inside of the loggia is a red/terra cotta color.



  1. Hi Nancy, I'm so sorry your having to go thru all the injections, I will continue to pray for you! You have picked a lovely home to show! I love every picture and what gorgeous colors!!! Blessings... Daphne

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I am glad to see that you felt well enough to be blogging! What a lovely home. Still praying for you.
    The Floppy Cow

  3. Thinking positive thoughts for you Nancy! It's neat you posted this because I actually worked for Suzanne Tucker and on the McFarlin project a bit. Such a beautiful finished project and clearly, a small world! Hope you get some rest. Tomorrow is a new day. XOXO Katie

  4. I'm so glad you posted this, because I just love, love orange and it seems to be so underused. I started saying it was my favourite colour at kindergarten (just because it wasn't anyone else's!) but it really has always been one of my favourites. I'll go back and look at these pics in more detail when it isn't so late/early.

    Would you believe it is 4.26 am here? I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd check some blogs, think you can imagine what happens next! Must go back to bed now!

    So glad you're up to posting, sorry to hear about the injections/transfusions, but I think you are right that a strong dose of interiors blogging is also needed to keep you going.

    Hope the treatments will boost your strength, you are doing so well, you will come through this. Sending all my best wishes, Lucy

  5. Hi Nancy,
    So sorry you're have to go thru so much! I love the fact that you are choosing to soothe yourself with beautiful images at a time when so much in your life is painful and frightening. I can tell you really study and appreciate every detail in every photo, and when I read your blog I find myself stopping to really savor and see all the elements in the photos that I would have missed if not for you presenting them to me/us thus gently reminding us to stop and see the beauty all around. You are so brave and inspiring to all of us as you battle this awful disease.
    Keep up the fight, my friend. We are all praying for you daily.
    Big Hugs,

  6. Hi Nancy! Beautiful home. Orange is intriguing...beautiful in a golden setting. I did some posts in October (of course) with Stephen Shubel using orange masterfully, as well. I always admired my sister for being able to pull off a bright orange jacket and will always admire anyone who can throw a bit of it into a decorating scheme. Merci!


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