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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gray, Orange and COTE DE TEXAS Type Lanterns

On day after day of gray days here in Texas, I decided to post some of my favorite gray/white pictures to remind me how much I love the color gray, and added a couple of pictures with orange in them for warmth. These pictures are from Veranda Magazine, March and April 2008 issues. Photos by Peter Vitale and Thibault Jeanson. Sit back and and enjoy!


I know that the settee looks like it is a pink/peach color but in the magazine it is definately orange.



  1. Beautiful images, I love those lanterns!

  2. Gorgeous rooms featuring gray! Thanks for your sweet comments!!

  3. ooh, I'm loving the greys! Nice images!

  4. love these rooms! I'm thinking that the mirror I just finished would look great in the shabby chic rooms, I'm telling you I am this ( -) close to redoing all of my furniture. Might have to divorce my husband and farm out the cat and dog, assured then it would stay looking great. lol


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