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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Discovering A Top Notch Blog By Way Of A Top Notch Magazine

The March/April issue of Victoria Magazine featured a young  lady, Gina Galvin, who has a wholesale business that "brings the past to the present era with French accents that speak of an elegance of days gone by." She is a happily married with small children. But nothing seems to get in her way of traveling when she needs to to promote her business, or taking care of a tons of different animals. Her blogs are mesmerizing. She has 2. The pics were taken by Marcy Black Simpson. She lives in a French style two story mansion surrounded by considerable acerage in Grand Blanc, Michigan.

What makes me happy is that she comes to Texas every year and stays in the country with friends and sets up booths in Dallas. Her blog is peacockparkdesign.blogspot.com. Login and visit and fall in love with everything French!

You can buy and assemble this ornate Victorian-style glass and iron conservatory and have it for your own. She makes things that have the same feel as a French Flea Market.
                            Don't you just love the bamboo rugs decorated with vintage calligraphy?

                             The pillows are picture post card images of elegant people from the past.

These are wooden vaudeville-era stand-ups-reproductions from Gina's collection-that perform in a dollhouse-size Parisian opera house.

This is a picture of her mansion.
The antitique statue stands guard over an iron gazebo. 

                  Clematis vines twine around a latticework gazebo containing an antique cross centerpiece.



  1. This is my favorite post!!! I love all the pictures, especially the conservatory!! French decorating is my favorite.

  2. oh my, how wonderful to see this, thanks a lot!

  3. i copied and pasted her address and it took me to "blogger status"?

  4. how beautiful!!!! the conservatory is amazing!!! haha want one!

  5. This post makes my heart skip a beat,literally!I can see myself lounging for hours on end in the conservatory.I am a major busy body but this conservatory would cause me to relax. Hmm,I smell a project or two brewing. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Gorgeous! I'd love to have that in my own garden even if it's just a small space. Wholesale Handbags


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