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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Artichokes, Lanterns, a Gateleg Table and Art Work

Realizing artichokes keep cropping up in my recent posts, here we go one more time. Being too sick to take chemo until next week, means I feel too bad to go through my vast array of old interior design magazines to post beautiful pictures and the stories behind each designer's work.

Realizing I am anal retentive is not a good thing for me! It means that no matter how sick I am, when I walk past tablescapes in my home, I am driven to hopefully, change/alter them for the better. Which brings me back to the subject of my overabundance of painted artichokes.

Having a chemo brain means you tend to change subjects with no warning and that doesn't help either when you are trying to utilize your writing skills. Before I became so ill, I moved around a couple of pieces of artwork and tried to find homes for my many artichokes and then took pictures of them. While all of this was going on, I became impatient about selling my gateleg table on Ebay and incorporated it in to my living room. So now I have something to post about and share with you, without ever having to leave my home. Enjoy!

So I moved the new, large artwork, ( I was able to get thanks to Lauren of Pure Style sharing with me) to a place in the room where it stands out more. I placed my gateleg table underneath the art work.

I guess you can see that I removed my lanterns from the curtain rod that had them hanging in front of my         window.

I placed the smallest lantern with a blue candle in it next to the pitcher to bring out the blue painted on the pitcher.

Honey, one of my little dogs made her way in to the picture.



  1. Great artwork!!! I love the statue you have, I have been collecting them for years. Really love all of your arrangments!!!

  2. Just "found" you on Maddie's Nest. Really like your page here, and wish you every bit of good luck as you undergo treatment. Kudos to you for keeping up with the beautiful things in life during this time.
    Stephanie, La Dolce Vita


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