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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Before and After and McBlinky

To say I am computer illiterate is an understatement. I cannot do McBlinky (not sure of spelling). But I have 3 before and afters to post. Some of my befores were not taken soon enough.

A dear friend who lives in the country brought me a real bird's nest. A freeby! I went to Goodwill twice recently and struck gold both times once finding a cloche with a teak wood base that cost $1.99 and the other time, I bought a white metal bird cage, with a bent spoke and no way to open the cage and get inside but I figured I could find something to fit inside the bent spoke and it only cost $2.99.

A day or so after my finds, I had to go to the hospital for injections (complications of chemo) and I went inside the gift shop. As Julia Roberts says in the movie, Pretty Woman, "Big mistake, HUGE MISTAKE", because I bought a packet of blue speckled bird's eggs for $11.00.

                                                                          Well that looks good.

Next, I tried all kinds of objects in the cloche but they didn't do anything for me. Finally, I placed a silk flower inside it and it sang to me! 

Now for the bird cage. I went back to the hospital for another injection and stuck my nose back inside the gift shop and to my dismay there was a wreath with tiny green speckled eggs attached to it along the sides with blue ribbon and empty little bird's nests attached to the wreath that were just large enough to hold some of my blue speckled eggs. Below, you can see the bent spoke. So I bent the wreath and it slid right inside there. Next, I was able to unbend the wreath by placing my fingers inside wreath and re-shaping it. This is the finished product, a wreath with green speckled eggs attached to the sides of it and blue speckled eggs I placed in the center of the wreath and blue eggs placed inside the empty, tiny bird's nests along with the blue ribbon. I didn't try to close the spoke because it can be placed in a room in such a way as to not see the bent spoke.

                             Above, is a picture when I put my blue eggs in the tiny empty bird's nests on the wreath.

        Here is a pic, after I added the blue eggs to the center of the wreath.

So since I am no threat to anyone because I am unable to enter my projects in McBlinky, tell me if you think they would sell if I could afford the rent a local consignment shop booth and had the money for a sellers license?????

Sorry, but I am so into the Shabby Chic Cottage Blog and the So Very Cheri Blog. I just love them don't you?

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