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Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Warm And Cozy Home

The "Skirted Roundtable Blogsite" recently discussed different shelter magazines and pretty much left Traditional Home Magazine out in the cold by indicating it was not as up scale as House Beautiful, Veranda and Elle Decor. Sure did make me sad because I love Traditional Home Magazine. If I were going to pick which magazine would be most likely to do a one page spread on Joni Webb's daughter's new bedroom, it would be  Traditional Home magazine.

Why? Because to me the magazine exudes a cozy, homey, warmth. The magazine just invites you into it's homes and makes you feel like you belong there, having coffee or being served dinner. It is a great escape from reality. One can visit the magazine and believe one could achieve a home just as beautiful. 

Joni Webb just did a post on her Cote de Texas blog site about rooms that were decorated in such a classical way that they are timeless. A good example is a home in Chicago, featured in the May 1999 issue of Traditional Homes magazine.

The furniture in the home was done in muted colors with a jewel box effect.

I just feel like I could plop down in the over stuffed settee and sip that cup of java. This home displays people's collections of all kinds. That is what makes it a real home and not just something that is staged!
                         That fireplace would go hand in hand with that java.

                           I cannot get enough of the orange/apricot color.

Imagine having your kitchen run the length of the back of your home. And at one end there is a sitting area surrounding a beautiful antique desk.


       I like the open kitchen concept, white cabinetry and the skirted round table.

The dining room table is also round. The floor is limestone with terra cota inlaid marble. The drapes are hung opera style to allow light to come in through the transom and French doors.  

The Master bedroom is understated and quiet. 

The guest bedroom has great built-in bookcases.

So I ask you, doesn't  Traditional Home magazine show off beautiful, inviting homes? 



  1. Certainly did there! Not knowing the magazines in their US versions I can't really comment, but you can find great design outside the ''up-scale'' up to the minute mags for sure. I'm guessing I'm missing the point of what the skirted roundtable were trying to say - what with the combination of not having heard the episode, and not knowing the magazines! - so can't comment on that, but you make your case well.

    That sitting area and desk in the kitchen, wow, I would love the kitchen, I would spend time there. Not a cook, you see. Plus, the host who offers me that guest bedroom? I'd refuse to leave till I'd read my way through every book on those shelves. I might go into the kitchen occasionaly for a chat. Yes, I can imagine myself actually living in that spread.

  2. I also love Traditional Home. I started subscribing when I moved from a small west coast home to a much larger east coast brick traditional. I've never stopped my subscription. Oh well! (And even worse, I copied the style of my dining room curtains from a celebrity home in AD!)


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