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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

(eye) Candy and Cancer

Sooooo, let's talk some "Ccccccsssss", eye candy, chemo, and cancer.
Here is what cancer and chemo can do to you.

But the tumor is living in me so I have sort of learned to accept it and it has just become a part of me.

But it is not like a cozy place to be and it is not my friend.

House Beautiful,  1999 Glamour issue, showed John Rosselli's ability to create a cozy  place.  His farm dwelling has gateleg tables stacked with books and candles.

                                                         Love, love, love, this table!

                           I feel the warmth that I don't feel from my cancer.

                                     Thibault Jeanson was the photographer. 

So now this is what I looked like before the cancer and hope to look like again some day. Because I am hoping my surgeon tells me tomorrow morning that he can cut that lung lobe and tumor out. That would hopefully give me 5 more years of life.


                              So here comes the Glam. Photographed by Susie Cushner!

These pictures make me think it might be possible for me to feel human again.

Wish me luck.


  1. Hi Nancy, so sorry for what your having to go thru with this horrible cancer. I will be praying for you that everything goes well. I just love your pictures that you shared today, especially the glam pictures!!! big hugs~~~ Daphne

  2. Nancy, you give such an insight there, when you say that it is a part of you but it is not your friend. I imagine you have had a lot of deep, horrible and frightening insights and realisations on this journey. I so truly wish you had not had to, I am so angry at the world for what it does. But I am so in awe of your attitude, and your hope. I hope that the doctors give you the news you want. Sending lots of love to you, Lucy xx

  3. I just wanted to pop in and see how you are doing. You are beautiful in both photos!

  4. Just wanted to pop in and see how you are doing too. And Susie is right - you do look a true beauty in both, it shines through!

  5. Hi Nancy, Just stopped over to check in on you. Your insight and courage are such an inspiration. I hope so much that you are beating this thing.

  6. Sweet lady.
    my prayers go out to you and your family !!! you are going to beat this Nancy!!


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